MORIN Painting Classes

Private Classes (except for pre-organized groups) 

IN THE PUREST FINE ARTS TRADITION, I have developed a program of courses based on the eight fundamental aspects of a successful painting.

Classes are ideally given in my workshop, but can be given at your home or in your own work environment (see note). In either case, students must provide their own materials and supplies. (A list of the necessary materials is available upon request.)


Each workshop lasts two hours and must be scheduled several days a part, an interval during which the student must work independently on his or her project.


Key elements of the art of drawing and painting will be applied in the fine arts tradition. These include drawing, lines, composition, perspective, forms, colour, subjects, shading and light, flat colour, glazes, washes, consistencies, textures and other techniques on the program. Materials and mediums will also be reviewed, also for the purpose of supporting you in your personal process.

What you will need:

(If you’re just starting out and have no material, I can provide a list of basic materials upon request.)


Have everything you need to paint: oils or acrylics, brushes, palette knives, mediums of your choice, and canvas or panel in your choice of size.

  • 1 pad, Strathmore Mixed Media vellum paper, 90 lbs.
    Size: 11 x 14 in. (or equivalent)
  • One canvas or panel in your choice of size
    (suggested size: 14 x 18 in. or 16 X 20 in.)
  • And now it’s time to have fun!


Cost of personalized classes: The cost is based on a rate of $70 for a two-hour workshop. Since the classes are personalized or customized, a program of courses will require more or fewer sessions, depending on the case. However, a minimum of six workshops is required to open a student file.

NOTE: A travel fee of $0.45/km is charged for classes elsewhere than in my workshop.



Prices are subject to change without notice.